DAXDUtil – Multiple project export manual

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This manual refers to project MultiProjectExport.

This tutorial will give a heads up of how to use the Multiple project export project.

How to use it:

  • Right click on Projects > Private/Shared > Add-Ins > Multi project export. Please be aware that the function will export the projects within the folder you have selected (Private or Shared).




  • Once the form is open, you can browser a folder path to save the projects by clicking at the Browser button.



  • By checking the Selection checkbox it’s possible to preview which projects will be exported. In this case, as there are no filter being used, the tree shows all projects from Shared folder.



  • Changing filter fields (Prefix, Suffix and Application Object Layer) automatically changes the tree preview with the projects that match to the criteria. In the following example, typing “BR_” in Prefix field alters the tree preview.



  • The following examples shows all filter fields being used.
    • IMPORTANT: The field Application object layer doesn’t exports the project code only from the chosen layer, rather exports only the existing projects in the chosen layer.



  • Click OK button to start the export process. The progress bar shows the projects being exported and remaining process time.



Is there any question? Please comment or contact me.

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