DAXDUtil – Table 2 Form manual

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This manual refers to project Table2Form.

This tutorial will follow the longest case to create a form (main form and child form). Other types of creation will take less steps.

How to use it:

  • Right click on table > Add-Ins > New form.
New form path

Figure 1 – New form path


  • The wizard welcome page will be displayed (Figure 2). Click Next.
Welcome page

Figure 2 – Welcome page


  • Main form detalils page (Figure 3). At this stage its possible to change Name, Label and Style of the form. These changes will be reflected once the form is created. Click Next.

Figure 3 - Main form details

Figure 3 – Main form details


  • Details form master page (Figure 4). If checkbox is marked, a new form will be created with details from main table (i.e. CustTableListPage and CustTable forms). Once marked (Figure 5), the other controls will be enabled and pre-filled with main table details. Change the controls values as you please. Click Next.
Figure 4 - Details master form setup

Figure 4 – Details master form setup


Figure 5 - Details master form setup (checkbox marked)

Figure 5 – Details master form setup (checkbox marked)


  • Detail form transaction (Figure 6). If a DetailsFormTransaction form style is chosen either 2 previous steps or 1 step back, a page to choose a table name will be displayed. This table name will be the data source to Line grids (if details master form has one). Click Next.
Figure 5 - Details form transaction

Figure 6 – Details form transaction


  • Click Finish to end the process (Figure 6).
Figure 7 - Finish

Figure 7 – Finish


  • Once finished, all created AOT elements will be opened in new windows to make easier to drag-and-drop them to your project.
Figure 8 - All created AOT elements

Figure 8 – All created AOT elements


Is there any question? Please comment or contact me.

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  • Reply Ausberto castro Vera |


    Existe a possibilidade de criar AxClasses partindo de uma tabela?

    • Reply joyle |

      Olá Ausberto.
      Sim, é possivel. Você pode dar uma olhada no método desta classe: AxdWizard::generateAxBC().
      Mais especificamente, neste trecho:
      axGenerateAxBCClass = AxGenerateAxBCClass::newTableId(_tableId);

      Qualquer outra dúvida, só perguntar. 🙂

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